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New version of PHP 8

26 November 2020. A year earlier than planned, a group of enthusiasts released the eighth version of the popular programming language PHP. This version contains many fixes, useful functions and optimizations. The most significant change in PHP 8 is the use of a JIT compiler.

Silentium developers also took an active part in the development of this innovative product. Our specialists have improved the PDO driver for Firebird SQL Server. Its behavior is extremely important for web systems that are designed for our clients.

That is why the “execute block” function was ensured when working with parameters. It includes creating of stored procedures, functions, views and other active constructions. A bug was fixed when commenting out parameterized code.

In addition we have previously made the following improvements to the Firebird access driver. Namely these are Boolean type working, memory leaks fixing when using Blob fields, providing support for the 1st dialect of the SQL language.