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Software support

Nobody likes routine
Quite recently it was enough for an organization to have only one main computer program. Then the tasks of integration and third-party systems improvement were not so sharp. We are constantly faced the fact that users often are simply abandoned alone with their system. Nobody neither can support it nor at least able to rise it up to the safe level.

Everybody wants to develop information systems but not all of them will to support and to develop them. If the system was not made very high quality, it is easier to take another project. Who will be responsible for the old one? Especially when the whole business has already run on it? The software often needs to be updated, to be improved and simply to be kept in work mode.

On his/her own initiative, no one wants to comprehend someone else's code, to describe someone’s database structure, to restore gaps in the documentation as it is painstaking and difficult work, which additionally requires a high specialist ‘s qualification.

Shoot from the hip without fluff
At such situation it seems that the shortest way is to destroy everything and to build it again, simply to buy it and to setup. Sometime later it’s obvious that it is needed to be implemented. And at this stage the most frustrating is a fact that the implementation process does not occur simultaneously at every workplace in a company. Usually the places are depends of each others and it is impossible to lunch one without another.

Always to have a choice
It would be convenient first to change one workplace than another without ham for a company, without downtime and without customer dissatisfaction. Such process can take part a year and it is important to keep old system still working. Besides the new software may occur unsuitable. It potentially able to kill the whole business. A choice always must take place. It means a good idea is to have plan B and does not destroy everything at once. Everyone should have the old software version for reserve.

Keep your history
We often move data from an old information system to a new one. But from time to time it is necessary to see the historical set of data. That involves parallel work with an old and a new system. It turns out that the support of the old system is no less important than the maintenance of new software. After all the possibility of further work in the field of IT depends on the current situation in the company.

Do you want to be a school?
A practice shows that to prepare a new software developer need to spend at least a year. For this period the old system must still work well. Can you guaranty that your developer will not find a new more profitable vacancy and will not leave your company later? In this case everything starts again. Where is the continuity? Where is the exchange of knowledge? The whole experience, achievements, collected over the years can be crumbled to dust.

This question and many more of them can be solved by delegation of support to the third party organization. It is desirable for such company to have not only experience of successful development, but also to have the skills to support working systems during 20 years.

How does it work?
Мы оцениваем состояние информационного проекта в организации, предлагаем комплекс мер по быстрому улучшению ситуаций, закличем договор на сопровождение, закрепляем за организацией ведущего разработчика. В течение оговоренного времени происходи процесс изучения работающего кода, подсистем, сторонних программ. Составляется полный перечень работающих подсистем, готовятся необходимые спецификации.

In case of problems the developer delves into the emerging challenge, offers solutions, as need changes the software and puts the new version, or even installs them remotely for the clients.

In special cases, if there is a stop of the enterprise, we work out of hours, but also organize an urgent specialist trip onsite. It can be trip of a group of all necessary workers both server administrators for operation system maintenance and application developers.

What do our clients get?
  • Stable work for business
  • Human factor reduce
  • Software evolutionary development
  • Effective users support
  • Confidence of the future
Service Packages

Service Packages

In addition to the standard package of support services, we also offer a one-time work

Recommended works
  • DBMS reengineering to describe of a database schema
  • Descriptions preparation for a system architecture
  • РAudit of the source code and it’s completeness
  • Organization of a repository to save actual program code and to keep versioning
  • Providing backup and restoring of data and applications
  • Creating mechanisms for control over software infrastructure
  • Complete documentation preparation of for the system
If you are concerned about the problems described above, please send us a preliminary letter, and our specialists will contact to you to initiate future cooperation.

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