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MiniWeb2 / Silentium
Purpose: This is a platform for web applications building. There is provided an active work with databases, embedded navigation, complex reports preparation, analytics, possibility to tune interface without sheets programming.
Technology: PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Smarty, MVC, CDS/Fusion
Product description: MiniWeb2

ETNI Fly / Silentium
Purpose: Simple specialized application designer for databases and analytical processing by internal components tuning.This software is a tool as for user interfase development as an environment for reports buolding, tables output, data transferring and data analyses.
Technology: ETL, BDE, ADO, OLAP, Rporting, Chart DrillDown, CDS/Fusion, Pascal/SQL Scripts.
Product description: ETNI Fly

ETNI Platform / Silentium
Purpose: Business information system tools. Data Input, Integration, Data Analyses, Reports and charts creating.
Technology: BDE, ADO, PHPMove, OLAP, Rporting, Chart DrillDown.

Product description: ETNI2 description
Technology: ETNI technology

KPI MONITOR 2010 Base / ProfItProject
Purpose: It allows to get operative and quality estimate of a company functioning by management automatization of Key Performance Indicators (KPI). This software product provides many various control methods from simple performance indicators to the Balanced Scorecards (BSC) which grand wide possibilities for integration, calculations and interactive data analyses.
Product description:KPI MONITOR

Horse-breeder Assistant / Silentium
Назначение: It is intended for primary pedigree registrations at farms, plants, private owners. This system is oriented for horse breading and has got a wide possibilities.
Technology: ETNI Platform, OLAP, Rporting, Chart DrillDown, Silentium Base Export.
Firebird 2.5 database
Product site: Horse-breeder Assistant

Virtual warehouse Storage 3D / Silentium
Назначение: Визуальное трехмерное представление склада с возможностью подключения учетных систем, в том числе как нашего производства, так и стандартных бухгалтерских приложений
Технологии: BDE, ADO, OLAP, Rporting, Chart DrillDown
Product description:Virtual warehouse "Storage 3D"

Golden Rain 4.0 Warehose / Silentium
Purpose: Three-dimensional warehouse visualization. This is an independent module which can work as amounting to our systems as a part of others WMS. This module is able to connect to an accounting program and even to ordinary MS Excel files. There is a provided visual designer inside "Storage 3D". It allows constructing near any warehouse placement.
Technology: OLAP, Rporting, Chart DrillDown

Golden Rain 4.0 Finance / Silentium
Purpose: Finance mangement.Payment input, control and its correlation with supply. Managers work shadowing. Bank credits control.
Technology: RAD II Argo, Meta SQL Storage
DMS Oracle 8i

Logistic 1.0 / Silentium
Purpose: Warehose optimization. Sell forcasting. Effective purchase planning.
Technology: Neural networks, season deviations, multiple dimention analysis, forecasting, missed data restoring, Meta SQL Storage II
DMS Oracle 8i

WebCube / Silentium
Purpose: OLAP analyses, reports on air construction, dimentions choosing and calculations tuтning, DrillDown mechanism.
Technology:OLAP, PHP, WebRAD
DMS: dBase, Oracle, MS SQL, mySQL