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Providing of effective work
Our mission is to provide an efficient work for our clients business. For this aim we create specialized information systems for their concrete needs. A main requirement for our software is a quick solution for everyday tasks with a full function set for business process control, data analysis and situation modeling. Our solutions allow the companies not only to respond operatively to changing market but to develop business and optimize the work.

Starting point of a project
If somebody wants to see the future it is important to forecast a composite value. Usually such value is goods or service demand, future prices. When you have got ready forecasting you can calculate some other values. For instance what kind of goods or row you should purchase, how to plan storehouse or manufacture processing, how many people do you need, what kind of marketing effort needs to be done.

Forecasting is only the first step. The second step is situation modeling. Vivid example is a budgeting for future year. Very often a budget is written with two variants: with optimistic and pessimistic forecast.

How to improve it
The next step which a modern enterprise would like to have it is optimization. As a rule an object for the optimization are the most critical values for a company. For example they can be: store resources, transportation and manufacturing resources capacity. During such optimization output parameters are selected to provide the best result for the aim output variable.

An aim variable can be follows: maximum meet customer's demand, maximum sells turnover, minimum costs and maximum revenue. When it is time to choose the aim variable a top manager refuse to stop with only one direction. It is quite well. But to calculate two and more variables is not simple. It is necessary to use up-to-date algorithms which are different and very depends on task formalization. It is important not only to get the result but show how it was obtained and how to improve it

Creation of a unique product
The purpose of Silentium Company is to create innovation software products, process the whole cycle of work from formalization, algorithms programming to completely done implantation with stuff learning and further consulting.

Rise to a new level
Our mission can be considered as done when a company rises to the next qualitative level. When there are many new unexpected management solutions. When returns from the enterprise sizeable increases. When the company starts to develop actively with a lot of investment.