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WebCube 1.0

A Simple decision for the complex tasks

When the cube is useful?

It is necessary to have a lot of reports for online analyses when nobody knows what exactly information will be in demand from time to time. Start with the common summaries and concretize it step by step. Often the final results are unusual (or just interested) and you want to know how they were calculated. In this case, no needs to ask a programmer to prepare a new report. The system can prepare it for you "in air". The whole process can became an interesting work. Obtaining the new reports you understand the situation better and you can formalize a new question shaper.

What especial in the cube?

The main worth of this cube is it works exactly in Internet. The whole program is situated at a site and a user needs no more installations on her/his computer. It's not important wherever you are at an office, on a business trip - this tool always on hand. It gives only the asked information. WebCube is a system not only for a head (or owner) of a company but for personnel too who are at another branches, cities or countries.

System preferences

No installations on every computer
No training
Fast starting
Minimum TOC
Possibility to change and extend quickly
Immediately returns from the implementation

Who are interested in such system?

Suppliers of goods and materials
Financial analytics
Marketing specialists

How to connect the cube to a company?

Write a SQL query
Describe all decisions and calculations
Check the summaries
Make HTML sheet with names of all cubes

Live example

You can check the cube work exactly now WebCube/Sells
In this cube you can prepare more than 1000 reports

The full help in Russian