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Quality Management System

Since begin of 2006 the new product Evolution QMS 1.0 have been putting into operation. It was developed especially for Silentium Company needs. The new system intends for new software products testing, possible defects detecting and their elimination, programs evolution support. All information about errors, deficits, users request collects in one place and processes centralized. Such way no question or error leaves without paying attention.

Evolution QMS 1.0 Functional scheme

Fig.1 Evolution QMS. Main information streams.

All of the company components, software products, and business solutions based on them have consolidated into a sole database. Such approach provides to get the whole imagination of developed systems readiness and stage of projects execution. Most of operations are automated. The system fixes current date and time of signal coming, date of elimination by a programmer.

Evolution QMS 1.0 Results analysis with OLAP

Fig.2 Evolution QMS.Results analysis with OLAP.

The data about working programs enters from email, telephone call registration, directly from a tester, manager or technical writer. Each record is marked as "Require to be processed" after that a developer can assign it as "Improved", "Postponed" or "Refused". If it is necessary to clear the situation a programmer can ask the question directly to the person which initiated the problem. The messages are classified by type and importance.

Evolution QMS.Results analysis with graphics

Fig.3 Evolution QMS.Results analysis with graphics.

During data collecting a project manager traces all remarks by statistic analysis in OLAP, graphics and text reporting. It shows which questions have not been resolved yet accordingly a software product, a tester, an importance of error. This tool helps to clear such thing as how much time need to eliminate every defect, what is dynamic of working by day, by week, by month. Silentium Company plans to connect to the Evolution Quality Management System all of Moscow and Moscow region customers till the end of second quitter of this year.