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Why to work with us

Accurate target setting
Our analytics have got a wide experience in the interaction with a customer and know how to make the retirements for developed products. During the whole project they consult with other specialists such as economists and mathematicians. As a result after all discussions is a ready technical task for developers.

Ready system components
As a rule about half of the components developed system is ready modules and blocks which work good in the others programs. Such approach allows us to concentrate on specificity of the concrete client and provide not only right solution but a comfortable service.

Undertime development
For development time minimization we use unique firm methodology for the whole work cycle with strict planning of the required result is to be obtained. At the moment of programming start about 90 percents of task have to be clearly discussed and fixed on paper. Active conversation with a client begins in a moment of the first realizations. That is why we are able to reduce a number of rebuild iterations. A customer gets to know what most important things are and what to implement for the first stage.

Open source code
We deliver to our clients all programs code which developed for them. That only excepts own companys components that was developed earlier. Such way gives the customers a potential opportunity to improve the programs itself or to delegate them to another company.

High reliability
Before to offer a software solution our team checks all important functions of platforms, databases, universal blocks how they work on different computers and different operation systems. We choose the right software tools to develop the most reliable system. Every program block maximum separated form others. Then it can be quickly replaced when it is necessary. Data safe policy is an individual part of every project.

Detailed documentation
All our programs are supplied with documentation which consists of three parts. They are users guide, developers guide and administrators instructions. Accordingly every person is able to read the proper part of the books and that accelerates new staff involving in the project and give possibility to use the system alone without our developers.

Effective support
During a system exploitation from time to time there are some questions that concern not only to functioning but to its evolution. That is why to have a constant cooperation with a developer or project manager. All of that our client get through email, mobile phone, personal meeting with no importance of their location.