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Horse owner's Personal Account

June 5, 2024 Horse owner's Personal Account. This is a solution for working in an Internet environment using up-to-date information from the institute of horse breeding. The account office is fully integrated into the database of this organization and allows users to minimize manual entry, quickly prepare statements, send them to the institute, print them.

As the name suggests, the users of the new system are directly horse farms, both organizations and individuals. After registering with VNIIK and confirming their credentials, users get access to data about their horses that have already been entered into the information system. These are: pedigrees of horses, bonification, breeding activities, trials and more.

At the moment the following are connected: the input of the bonifitation, the mating-foaling list. The work of the back office is organized both for the system administrator and for the breeders. They are involved in checking incoming data and further processing. The horse owner's personal account is integrated into the previously operating IPS Kony-3 Web resource.