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Automation of horse breeding in Bashkortostan

May 3, 2024 The third stage of automation of horse breeding and equestrian sports in the Republic of Bashkortostan has started. As part of this stage, the evolutionary development of the “Horse Breeder's Assistant” family of software products is carried out, both locally in farms and on the web portal located in the Akbuzat competence center of the Republic of Bashkortostan for horse breeding and equestrian sports.

The development of the information system took place in several stages. At the first stage, a new version of the “Assistant to the horse Breeder” program was developed, taking into account the new requirements in the field of horse breeding in general and directly the legislation of the republic. Its installation and implementation in farms has been carried out

At the second stage, data collection was organized and transferred to a central server located in Ufa city. A portal has been developed to manage data and extract breeding certificates of horses. Data analysis and control mechanisms have been created to collect information and verify its reliability

At the third stage, users are supported, information flows are provided, the results are cheched, cosmetic adjustments are made, the versions of the components used are maintained and the accumulation of historical data is monitored.