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A service for testing personnel has been launched

May 5, 2021 A new web service has been launched for testing personnel of organizations, as well as for the quick selection of candidates for vacant positions. The required set of professional tests is sent to candidates as a limited time link.

All answers are saved in the database and come to HR-hunter as a ready-made document with a detailed graphical analysis of the test-taker's profile. allows to determine quickly the propensity of an employee to work in different areas, to identify a set of innate inclinations and acquired abilities that increase productivity, as for candidates as for working employees. This service is designed for managers, personnel services of organizations and specialists of recruiting firms.

The test results help to make a forecast of a candidate's suitability for a certain position, to identify employees with managerial potential, to assign correctly tasks and responsibilities, to conduct an audit of personnel, to form a personnel reserve, to develop an individual development plan.

The system assesses the employee's productivity, behavior style, strengths and areas of delegation, the level of empathy, tactics of behavior in conflict situations and the employee's motivators.

Work on this project has been going on since 2018, and has gone through a number of stages with the gradual launch of all new functions. Today the service operates in a fully automatic mode, including accepting electronic payments and providing fast services in format 24/7.