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A service for testing personnel has been launched

May 5, 2021 A new web service has been launched for testing personnel of organizations, as well as for the quick selection of candidates for vacant positions. The required set of professional tests is sent to candidates as a limited time link.

All answers are saved in the database and come to HR-hunter as a ready-made document with a detailed graphical analysis of the test-taker's profile. allows to determine quickly the propensity of an employee to work in different areas, to identify a set of innate inclinations and acquired abilities that increase productivity, as for candidates as for working employees. This service is designed for managers, personnel services of organizations and specialists of recruiting firms.

The test results help to make a forecast of a candidate's suitability for a certain position, to identify employees with managerial potential, to assign correctly tasks and responsibilities, to conduct an audit of personnel, to form a personnel reserve, to develop an individual development plan.

The system assesses the employee's productivity, behavior style, strengths and areas of delegation, the level of empathy, tactics of behavior in conflict situations and the employee's motivators.

Work on this project has been going on since 2018, and has gone through a number of stages with the gradual launch of all new functions. Today the service operates in a fully automatic mode, including accepting electronic payments and providing fast services in format 24/7.

New version of PHP 8

26 November 2020. A year earlier than planned, a group of enthusiasts released the eighth version of the popular programming language PHP. This version contains many fixes, useful functions and optimizations. The most significant change in PHP 8 is the use of a JIT compiler.

Silentium developers also took an active part in the development of this innovative product. Our specialists have improved the PDO driver for Firebird SQL Server. Its behavior is extremely important for web systems that are designed for our clients.

That is why the execute block function was ensured when working with parameters. It includes creating of stored procedures, functions, views and other active constructions. A bug was fixed when commenting out parameterized code.

In addition we have previously made the following improvements to the Firebird access driver. Namely these are Boolean type working, memory leaks fixing when using Blob fields, providing support for the 1st dialect of the SQL language.

Nonworking week

From March 30 to May, 11 2020. President Vladimir Putin signed a decree declaring holidays in the Russian Federation from March 30 to May 11. Silentium Company office will not function during this period. Our employees will continue to work from home remotely.

Technical customer support will be provided by us in full mode. The software development department and the department of tax consulting will be available on personal cell phones. You can also send us a message directly from the website.

The new version Horse-breeder Assistant

1 March 2020 A new version of Horse-breeder Assistant has been released. This is already the 5th version of the software product. It includes many changes. New forms of reports appeared, the user interface was redesigned, a new structure of the main menu of the program was made. Now the system operates as part of a regional data collection in automatic mode. But the ability to transmit information on a flash drive and by email is left.

A process of distribution releases was improved. Now each farm receives a personal distributive, in which all the necessary settings are already made which ensures a quick start of the system. The update mechanism has been simplified as much as possible. The system itself downloads the necessary updates and installs them on a user's computer.

A full compatibility with the MS Windows 10 operation system has been achieved. A registration of the program on the workstation was improved. Starting June 1, 2020, technical support for the version of Assistant Horse Breeder version 4 is discontinued. Its work on new operating systems of the Microsoft Windows family is not guaranteed.

Victory at Golden Autumn 2019 exhibition

From October 9 to October 12 2019 , the main agrarian forum of the country, Golden Autumn, was held at Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy in Moscow. The organizer of the exhibition is the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

The medals and diplomas of the 21st Russian Agricultural Exhibition were awarded the winners in the nominations "For effective information and consulting support for the agricultural sector"

The gold medal of the exhibition was received by the software product of our company Horses 3.0 Mobile. This application for the Android platform allows users to get complete information about horses, their pedigree and trials directly from the official database of pedigree horses of Russia, USSR, and former Russian Empire.

The application has both paid and free access to information and has been operating for 4 years, starting in September 2015

The new portal IPS KONI-3

17 june 2019 A new version of IPS KONI-3 portal of All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of horse breeding is put into operation. The first realization of the eponymous Windows application started 9 years ago just in June 2010 Since then more and more new features have been added. All major groups of breeding horses of the Russian Federation were placed there.

Besides the thoroughbred breeds, trotter breeds trials data collecting was supplied. An automatic processing of electronic payments has provided. A selection of nicknames was made for horses. Integration with federal services (KLADR, FIAS) and with Information Analytical System of Joint-Stock Company Russian Hippodromes was ensured. GEO-processing of analytical data has organized and much more.

By the beginning of last year it became obvious that the old resource no longer meets the modern requirements of the development of Internet technologies and requires radical code refactoring, both of the appearance and the internal mechanisms for large volumes of information processing.

Our company has released a new version of this portal. Many sections were newly created (horse card, trails, mating activity, pedigree line, family). A cardinal optimization of both database queries and intermediate layer algorithms responsible for translation into European languages has been carried out.

As a result of all efforts, a completely new resource with a modern design and adaptive layout for mobile applications has been obtained. The system continues to evolve. We plan to make further improvements in it.

The project protection at EEC

24 December 2018 . Moscow. The Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC). The project Development of methods for assessing the breeding value of dairy cattle, beef cattle and pigs productivity. In the framework of this project, together with the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of pedigree affair (Russia), the Scientific Information Center for Livestock and Veterinary Medicine (Kazakhstan), the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Selicom LLC (Russia), Bene Consulting Group (Russia), Silentium Company presented a web-portal and a united database of breeding animals, including the index of breeding and genetic evaluation, obtained by the BLUP method, providing for the collection of data in the EAEU countries.

The developed product is called the ISEBH EAEU - Information System for Evaluation of Breeding Herds in the Eurasian Economic Union. It is compatible with existing software used to account dairy and beef cattle, pigs, which common in the countries of the economic union.

Our programmers created a special resource It provides opportunity to analyze obtained calculated results, to rank animals, to track pedigrees and to display various reports. Considerable work has been done on the standardization of transmitted information. The document Data transfer format was agreed and approved. Data transmitting centers were connected in Moscow, Ryazan, Minsk and Astana